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Anthony Luca Eduardo is a native of Naples, Italy but presently residing in Dallas Texas. An Alumina of Sapienza university Rome, where he bagged a degree in Computer Engineering, he was mentored by my one of the best Engineer in the field of oil drilling, that person happened to be his father. He was a dedicated staff of ExxonMobil oil gas in Dallas Texas before his retirement.

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I needed a new laptop for my work from home setup, and this offered speed, Wi-Fi 6, fingerprint reader and a backlit keyboard for a good price. The system is upgradeable - I upgraded the M.2 SSD from the standard 256 GB to 1 TB for the operating system and applications, and I added a 1 TB SATA SSD for my data, since there is a expansion space for this additional drive, and the system provides an installation bracket and ribbon cable for that purpose.
Anthony's Enterprise recommended and sold me the best laptop that suits my work from home.
From Roland E Miller

I bought this laptop for college, being a freshman I was looking for something affordable that would last. I got the core i5 10th gen and I am absolutely happy with my purchase. I had thought about getting a mac but price wise it was out of range. The pavilion is very smooth and crisp in a way. I use it for online class and I have to run some programs for my science classes. It has NOT let me down. I've been using it for about a month now and it still works like new. The setup took me like 15 minutes when I first got it. Tablet mode is fun, I don't usually use it so I have no comment on that. Regardless, very good product for the price. Would 100% recommend for college students.

Anthony's Enterprise sells the best and most affordable laptops for all purposes.

From Mary Ann


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